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Posted on June 17th, 2015

​The whole family attended the Heatons' Summer Festival at the weekend and we are so glad that we did! We had such an amazing time meeting all of our new members and also being able to talk to people about our plans for The Savoy. We all left the festival with a real buzz and excitement that came from the community interest in our new project. 
Throughout the day, some questions came up frequently. For this reason, we thought we’d use this blog post to answer a few of those for you…
When will The Savoy be opening? 

We are hoping that The Savoy will be opening in the Autumn. Yes- we are indeed being deliberately vague! We do not want to set a date, as any nasty surprises during the refurbishment might prevent us from sticking to it. 
We have bought a membership, when will this start? 

Your membership will not start until the cinema opens. If you join us as a member before we open, you also get 13 months membership rather than 12. And as a thank you for putting faith in us you will receive an invitation to a free members preview screening before the official opening!
I bought a membership and have not received anything yet. When will they be sent? 

Your membership packs will be delivered to your address a month before we open. This pack will contain your membership cards, your free tickets and the first of our monthly brochures.
Will you be showing children’s films? 

We will indeed! We show our children’s films as the matinee showing on a Saturday and sometimes (depending on popularity!) on the Sunday too! We also show children’s films every day during the school holidays.
How much will the tickets be? 

We have not set anything in stone on ticket prices just yet, so at the moment we can provide a rough guide of this. We will have four different ticket prices:
Concession (children, students, over 65s)- £6
Standard Seats- £7.50
Luxury Seats £9
Sofas For Two £18
And of course, you will also get £1.50 off per ticket if you have a membership with us!
What different films will you show? 

We will be showing many different types of films. As we are off date (by about 3 weeks), we can be a little more flexible with our programming. As well as showing blockbusters at the cinema, we will also have chance to show more cultural films, foreign language films and documentaries. We will also be showing live satellite performances, such as the Bolshoi Ballet and MET Operas, which have gone down a treat at our other cinemas!
How regular will the film screenings be? 

We will have two films on weekday evenings and three, including a matinee, on a Saturday and some Sundays. We are also hoping to have an early afternoon silver screen one day in the week.
What will happen to the front of the Savoy? 

The columns that we have uncovered are severely damaged. We are working with the conservation officer to ensure that we do everything we can to restore the 1920’s frontage.
Thank you all for being so excited about The Savoy journey. It was amazing to meet so many people on Sunday that are just as excited about The Savoy as we are. Your support means that we can improve The Savoy further and also protect those features that we all love so much. It was also brilliant to hear how many people have been keeping up with our blog, we will continue to post regular updates on here to show the progress! Please feel free to comment on the blog with any further questions you may have. 

If you're passing The Savoy, please take a look at the banners from our stall, that are up on the hoarding. They show pictures from our other cinemas, a selection of films we have shown and information about the perks of joining us as a member. Please help yourself to one of our leaflets too! 

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DM-K - June 18th, 2015 at 1:48 PM
I would just like to say that I am really glad that The Savoy is re-opening.
I have been going there since 1965.
Chris B - August 11th, 2015 at 9:24 AM
So excitied for the opening! hope you will consider themed evenings? Bollywood with a Bangra dance class comes to mind.
Carol - September 1st, 2015 at 9:31 AM
Love the sound of this. Membership in the post !
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