Posted on October 4th, 2015

With just under three weeks to go until the opening (eek!), we have been busier than ever. Huge changes have been happening every single day and we have had more people on site in the past week than during the rest of the project combined!​

The most noticeable change has been the addition of our new and very beautiful stone columns! Luckily, the weather held out, which made it a lovely day outside the cinema. It was also brilliant to see the reactions of people walking past on the day, who were as happy as we are to see the columns back at the front of The Savoy! Here are some pictures that show the exciting build up of the new columns... 
It really was a big day - just minutes after we began to erect the pillars, the brand new, top of the range, 4K digital projector arrived! We are still not quite sure how we managed to get it up to the projection box, as it weighs a total of 150 kilos! 
Another exciting delivery this week was the arrival of our first monthly programme. Within the programme, there are details about all our films through until December! We are currently busy packing up all of the membership packs ready to send out. This pack will contain information about members' priority booking. 
​We can now give you the first glimpse of our membership cards. We are really happy with them and think that they will make a lovely addition to our members' collection of cards. We hope that you like them as much as we do...
As some of you may have seen of Facebook and Twitter, we also now have our new popcorn boxes. We are so excited to think that in under three weeks time- we will be serving you our delicious, sweet popcorn in these boxes. 
Over the last month, we received over 140 job applications for The Savoy. The standard of application was incredibly high and it was very difficult to narrow down our interviewees. We have now filled our positions for The Savoy and wanted to thank every single person who applied. We really loved reading all the applications! 

We will be opening on Friday 23rd October! Details on how to book will first be given to members, who receive priority booking for our films. We will post details of how everyone else can book shortly via Facebook/Twitter. 

Posted on September 17th, 2015

​Being so engrossed in the design of The Savoy, it is sometimes easy to forget that it will be a place that shows films in the not too distant future. We have now received confirmation for our first films and thought it was only fair to dedicate this blog post to the amazing Autumn line up that we have coming to The Savoy!
​The reaction to our Halloween film vote was amazing and it was great for us to see the films that you would love to see on the big screen. After counting up the votes, we decided that we simply couldn't show just one. The Halloween films we will be showing are… Ghostbusters and The Shining! (There will also be free popcorn for anyone who braves the double bill!!!) 
​During the October half term we will be having two additional matinee showings each day. We will be showing Hotel Transylvania 2. We are very excited about this film as we really enjoyed the first one. It’s also a great one to have in the run up to Halloween! 
​We have been waiting in anticipation for every piece of information about the new James Bond film, as we are incredibly excited about showing it at The Savoy. We will be showing Spectre at the end of November, so get your Martini orders ready!
​Our first month has a varied programme, which includes a wide range of films and documentaries.  We have included a classic in the mix and we have also put a few films in that you may have missed. In no particular order, here are some of the films that we will be showing (just to tantalise your filmy taste buds!)…
We hope that you are as happy with the variety as we are and that there is something you look forward to seeing at The Savoy. We feel very lucky to be opening the doors to The Savoy at such an exciting time, with so many fantastic films to show! Our first programme will include information about these films and others, including our satellite performances. Information on how to book for the films you want to see will also be released soon. Members will receive our monthly programme first at the beginning of October to allow priority booking. 

Posted on September 14th, 2015

During the last week at The Savoy we have had in excess of 40 different people on site, including joiners, electricians, builders, roofers, plumbers, plasterers, family, friends and anyone else that we can lure in with the promise of free tea and biscuits!
I know what you are thinking but don't worry, we have plenty of time! (...gulp!). Just look below at our beautifully tiled ladies loos!

In all seriousness, we are well on track to be open on the 23rd October (2015 ...honest!). The work is progressing at a great pace and every day we can see our visions coming to life and we are so excited to see some of the final touches being put in place!
Another great addition to the new Savoy will be a fully air conditioned auditorium! This will keep us warm and cosy in the winter, and cool for our one week of summer (optimistic I know). Here are Amanda and Sophie spraying the new cassettes in black to match our new matt black ceiling.
Perhaps the most exciting moment of the week was the arrival of our Gift Vouchers! We currently have two available; 'Two Luxury Seats Or A Sofa' or 'Two Luxury Seats Or A Sofa AND A Bottle Of Wine'! These are £18 and £28 respectively and are already available on our website!

The vouchers have a beautiful copper foil logo, on Savoy headed paper and come complete with a luxurious purple envelope. The vouchers will be sent out in early October, in perfect time for our opening!
We are soon to be installing our seating area in the foyer where you will be able to sit comfortably and enjoy a pre-film slice of homemade cake, whilst you peruse our monthly brochure and make bookings to be sure we save your favourite sofa for two! So here is a sneak peak at some materials that you could expect! 
One last thing - don't forget that the deadline for job applications is THIS FRIDAY! We have been inundated with letters and emails, so please spread the word to anyone you think may be suitable!

Posted on September 6th, 2015

Since announcing our official opening date, it feels as though time has been on fast forward. Work has been progressing at a very quick pace and there is a real buzz and excitement on site as we can now enjoy working with the opening in mind...
Louis and Tony have been busy tiling the loos! Our black and white tile choice is one of the only things that remains constant in all three of our cinemas, as we think it is very in keeping with out art deco style!
We love the look of the tiles and hope that you do too - as this is the first thing we have done that you will actually see when our doors open! The first floor tiles have also been put down- the green floor will not be permanent! 
The rake develops each and every day and we love seeing how it's all coming together. From this picture, you can see how well designed and fantastically executed the rake is, to ensure that everyone has an optimum view from their seat! 
Below, Tony, Amanda and Louis are checking out the sightlines from our lovely sofa row to our screen and they decided that they are incredibly happy with the legroom! 
The old and much loved 'silver screen' has now been taken down, ready for our new, improved and larger screen to stand in its place. We are incredibly happy with the view of the screen from each and every seat in the auditorium, so with a bigger can only get better! 
Since announcing the opening date, it dawned on us how much of our lovely new plaster we had to white wash!! We enlisted lots of help as there was a lot of ground (or wall!) to cover. The walls are now ready and waiting for the bursts of colour that will be lovingly painted soon. 
We have been incredibly excited to read through the amazing applications that we have received so far. It's great to find out the films and characters that people love and that is definitely the bit we read first! The application deadline is Friday 18th September. If you're interested in applying, please see the 'Recruitment' page at the top of our website to find out how. 
Our first big event after our opening is of course the very spooky Halloween! We decided that we simply could not pick the film we should go with and so we have handed the decision over to our customers to be. We have, of course, narrowed it down to some of our favourites and we hope that the choices appeal to everyone. To vote, visit our Facebook or Twitter page!
Another great big thank you to all those people who are members, have spread the word and have supported us with your kind words. We really appreciate all the faith that you have put in us and it makes us so excited for the atmosphere and excitement that it will bring to the cinema!
P.S. We have been planning our first films and are soon to finalise the dates for the new 007 film - Spectre! Visiting our Coming Soon page for more films!

Posted on August 25th, 2015

​We are very pleased to announce that the fully refurbished Savoy will be open to the public on Friday 23rd October.
We are so excited to be able to confirm our opening date, as we have been working incredibly hard for the past few weeks to ensure that we are open for the great line up of films arriving in Autumn!
Prior to the opening, all of our members will be invited to a free preview screening as a thank you for putting your faith in us.  If you have joined us as a member, you will receive your membership pack at the beginning of October. Within your pack, you will find your free tickets, your membership cards (which entitle you to £1.50 off for every visit!) and the first of our monthly brochures with details of films. Information about how to book for a free members' screening will also be provided.
It is not too late to join us as a member to enjoy the early bird perks. For further information about our memberships, please click on the 'membership'  link at the top of the page. 
The end is now in sight for the refurbishment and we are working harder than ever to make this a fantastic cinema for the whole community. 
We will soon be hiring! If you, or somebody you know might be interested, make sure you check Facebook and Twitter for updates over the next few days.

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